My digital history

My digital history is not usual, I use the internet to keep up on my favorite sports teams. Also I will use it if I find breaking news of some sort.

For example, because the twins are really close to the playoffs and are suffering from a lot of injuries, I look them up every day to see how the injuries are coming along.

Some of the websites that I use for this type of research are sites like TwinkieTown, Twins Daily, and ESPN. I use these websites and websites like these in order to know every thing I need to know about the twins season, Injury updates and even game analysis. I will also use similar websites to see how the Timberwolves are doing this off season, or maybe see what went wrong in the Vikings game.

I also use the internet for Fantasy football, I use to see if my players are gonna play this week, or maybe to see if I have a better match up on my bench. Also to see if there are any sleepers that I should be watching out for on my leagues waiver wire.

I will also use the web for breaking stories, for example if I see something on twitter of facebook that I find interesting I will immediately goto google and will look it up. An example of this happening recently is I saw a cool story about 9/11 so then I went and looked it up.

The website that I will use for situations like this is usually CNN. This site and other sites like it are very useful to me staying with breaking news, or interesting news stories.

Other habits I have concerning the internet, I will only use google. I have tried to use other search engines but I just don’t think they are smooth and easy to use as google. Google makes it easier for me to find what I’m looking for.

I never comment or participate in blogs or different types of websites. I like to get my information from the website and use is for different things, not to tell the author that I agree or disagree with him.

I usually only use text stories I find it easier to find the information I’m looking for right away and then get off that site and look somewhere else. I will sometimes listen to a podcast, but usually if I’m watching a video on the internet it is a cut out from a earlier aired sports talk show. I do that so I can see the stories I want to see and skip the ones that I deem not interesting.

These are all of the habits that I have while dealing on the web, I mainly use it to keep up on sports, and I mainly use text articles, and I will only use google.

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