City Market Brings Life to Whitewater

City Market Brings Life to Whitewater

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Between fresh produce, baked good, homemade pizzas, and live music, there is something for everyone at the Whitewater City Market. Local farmers, artists, food carts, and residents come together to create an extravagant marketplace everyone to enjoy, bringing some excitement to the small town.

Every Tuesday starting in May and going through October, the vendors prepare for their goods to be sold from 3:30 to 7:30 in the evening downtown on Cravath Lake.

The City Market was established in July 2015 and it all started from local business owners and residents who had a vision. They envisioned a farmer’s market that would be held somewhere in Whitewater, but little did they know that they would end up having a total of 50 vendors by 2017.

They began by collaborating with the market that is held on Saturday mornings outside of True Value in Whitewater. They had no interest in taking away from their business. The process took off as an effort attempting to bring the community together and to sell fresh and local produce. Because of the positive feedback from the city, the market was able to flourish.

Kristine Zaballos, manager of Whitewater City Market, says they started the market as “a proof of concept” to see if people would want to bring a market to Whitewater. They ended up with positive results, attracting a lot more vendors than expected.

Whitewater City Market is organized by Downtown Whitewater, a downtown revitalization nonprofit that is funded by the City of Whitewater, businesses, and private donations. The market is planned and organized by a group of people that includes Downtown Whitewater members, market vendors, community members, and local business people.

If you are interested in volunteering at the market you can visit the Downtown Whitewater website and contact Courtney Nelson for more information.

One of the local vendors, Amoureena Klawitter, attends the City Market every Tuesday with her family and sells homegrown pickles, salsa, and jalapeno jelly, and breads based on what is in season. “Meeting all the new people and encouraging people to eat fresh food made homemade”, Klawitter said was her favorite part about having the business and working the Market.

The City Market will be ending in October, so if you would like your fresh vegetables or colorful flowers for the season be sure to check it out! Links are provided at the bottom of the page for more information.


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