Semester Reflections

memory-1024x655Throughout this semester, I┬áhave put a lot of effort into making my blog’s appearance and posts as professional as possible. Since week 12, I have made very minimal changes to the layout because I like the way it looks. The color scheme compliments the design, everything is easy to navigate and there is a good use of contrast. I placed hierarchy on an image that relates to the class because an article would not suffice. I also added my Facebook profile and Instagram page so individuals can connect with me on other social network sites.

Aside from learning about the importance of blog design, I also learned a lot about web journalism and how much effort news sites put into their website. I believe I have become a better blogger and site design analyst. I plan on taking the skills I have learned in this class onto my journalism career after I graduate.

This was my first online class and I honestly enjoyed it. I learned how to work at my own pace and manage my time while learning about the issues and ideas journalist face today. I also loved keeping up with a blog because of how much I love to write.

Thanks for reading my blog this semester. Keep up with me on my Facebook or Instagram page or watch for me on UWW-TV.

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