Apple’s New MacBook Pro is Flying off the Shelves

Apple launched its new MacBook Pro in October and it more powerful than ever before. It is equipped with a brand new Touch Bar, making it remarkably more expensive than previous models. The laptop also does not come in 32GB option and all connectors have been replaced with USB-C ports. Aside from the criticism the laptop received, the new MacBook Pro has already outsold all of its Windows-based competitors by a significant margin.

macbook-pro-oled-renderAccording to a report by Slice Intelligence and reposted by Mashable, “the sales of the new MacBook Pro in the first five days surpassed the sales of key competitors such as Microsoft’s Surface Book, Dell XPS 13 and 15, Lenovo Yoga and Asus Chromebook Flip even though all these devices have been on the market for over a year.”

After watching the MacBook Pro launch and reading this article, I’m honestly not surprised. Apple has always dominated the market, whether it was launching the iWatch or iPhone. It’s simple: people love their products.

Although I have heard some good things and some not so good things about the new laptop, I’m debating whether or not to update my current model. Right now, I have the 2015 Macbook Pro and I constantly wonder how I went this long without it. Apple has never disappointed me with their products (besides their crappy phone batteries) and even though Mac’s tend to be more expensive than PC’s, they are definitely worth the money.

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  1. Kyle Geissler says:

    You’re not going to sell me on Apple 🙂

    Did you see Microsoft’s new Surface computers? I’ve read a lot about how they’re going to give Apple a run for their money. There will always be a group dedicated to Apple, which explains the strong initial sales. I’m interested in seeing how the sales shake out over the coming months.

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