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The first blog I chose is Cool Hunting Today. Its content ranges from technology to food and drink. One of the reasons I chose this blog is because it gives off a very modern feel. By scrolling down, the site features their top 3 stories of the day- the main headline, a brief summary underneath and a transparent photo that has to do with the story. The blog also heavily focuses on pictures which adds to it’s modern-like feel.

Its greatest strength is how easy the site is to navigate. The left side of the screen features links to read, look, link, buy, listen and travel- the 6 key content items the blog focuses on. Cool Hunting Today also features links to their about page, email subscriptions and how to join their team.

Their blog heavily focuses on audience building as they have included all of their social media sites, ranging from Facebook to YouTube. Although not all of the sites have been recently updated, users are still able to see older content.


The second blog that I chose is Simply Recipes. Its content is strictly food related. The main reason I chose this blog is because I love food, but who doesn’t? Since this is my first semester living in an apartment, it’s my responsibility to learn how to cook/follow a recipe.

The blog does not stand out in any particular way, as it features a warm natural based color scheme. Links to featured recipes with chicken, beef, pasta, fish and seafood are located on the left. Vegetarian, vegan, budget and quick and easy recipes are also included on the left side underneath the options mentioned above. By scrolling through the site, I was surprised by how many different pictures and articles of recipes the site featured.

Its greatest strength is how organized it is. It is very easy to navigate and locate a certain recipe, whether you’re cooking with chicken or rice. The site also offers seasonal recipes and a full recipe index.

Their blog focuses on audience building as they have linked all their social media sites on the right side of the main page. Users are also able to add Simply Recipe on Snapchat- a big way to get the younger generation involved.


The third blog I chose is Mac Rumors. The site features stories ranging from the new iPhone 7, to older ones about the iPod nano. The blogs color scheme is not very appealing and its content is a tad unorganized.

For it being a blog strictly about Apple products, I found it very undeveloped. The blog does not display many pictures, but heavily focuses on videos. One video I found to be very interesting was the ‘iPhone 7 swimming test.’ The video shows the new iPhone being submerged in water to see how long it will work for now that it is water resistant. The blogs greatest strength is how many videos it features. I’m a big fan of Apple products and tend to do a fair amount of research before purchasing a new apple product, so in this case, videos are ten times better than pictures.

Their blog also focuses on audience building as all of their social media sites are located at the top right of the main page. Users are able to follow them on Twitter, like their posts on Facebook or add push notifications to their computer.

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