Married to the game


My team playing football during a rain delay

I grew up in a family that played sports. Very active, very involved family. My brothers played baseball, football, and basketball while I was growing up. I went to every game and was always became a mascot/batgirl for their teams. Seeing how much fun they had playing these sports and creating new friendships made me want to play sports. Growing up I did everything I could. I failed at soccer, attempted football, cheerleading, basketball, volleyball, and baseball. None of these really stuck with me until I was forced to play softball because I was not a boy. I knew how to swing a bat before I could walk because my dad somehow knew it was my calling. I fell in love with the game instantly. It became a part of who I was and how I defined myself. I found myself asking my dad to constantly go throw or make a trip to the batting cages. I also admit to being a complete dork and coming up with the most ridiculous cheers with my teammates. Softball became my safe zone, when I step on the field nothing can touch me. It surrounded me with people who understood me and I could be myself around. Every team I have been on has been filled with the most unique people who have created some of the best weekends of my life. It continues to be my favorite sport and I hope some day to play it professionally although there is not a wide variety for that. Softball has given me my best friends, my confidence, my biggest challenges, my stress reliever, and most importantly it opened my eyes to unconditional support my family will always have for me.

My team after taking 1st in a tournament

My team after taking 1st in a tournament

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