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Thanksgiving Feature

Thanksgiving is an American national holiday during the Autumn season. Thanksgiving is a day most commonly associated with eating a feast with family and friends. Many families decorate their homes to be more festive for the holidays as well. However, for college students around the country, spending time with loved ones on Thanksgiving is not always an available option.

In Wisconsin, snow is both the biggest friend and enemy of residents in the state. Typically, the first snowfall happens within the October-November timeframe. Though the first snow days have already happened in the state, it has already disappeared before the Thanksgiving holiday season. However, weather reports have alerted the area of severe winter storms passing throughout the ladder of Thanksgiving week and into the weekend.

Lucas Rock, a senior at University of Wisconsin- Whitewater, has to drive for hours in order to make it home for the holidays. Though Rock does not mind the drive, the time of year does bring him to be cautious of the weather during his trip.

Students that are able to make it home for Thanksgiving, are excited to spend time with family after potentially not seeing them at all since the start of the school semester. Tyler Scheuermann, a Junior at UW-Whitewater, is a student who is able to leave campus for the holiday.

For students that are able to go home for Thanksgiving due to weather or travel circumstances, the Whitewater area provides opportunities for them to still feel included in the season’s festivities. The Whitewater campus dining provides an opportunity for students staying in the area over break, to pick up a hot meal in the University Center. The Salvation Army is Janesville also welcomes the community to a Thanksgiving Dinner. The Whitewater Walmart also offers a selection of Thanksgiving food for students on community to make a proper meal as well.

Students across campus appreciate the accommodation for separated families during Thanksgiving. Though traditionally, Thanksgiving is spent with family, students are happy to celebrate with the community.

Senior Aryce Huffman
Senior Jenna Norris
Junior Brynn Wichman

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