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Lede: Carley Hach, senior at the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater, is studying early childhood education. She is from Muscoda, Wisconsin, a small town all the way west and happens to be the morel mushroom capital of the world. Her family is made up of avid Packer fans and they never miss a game! She has an older brother and loving parents who support her in all her endeavors. Carley enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, shopping, golf, and lake life. She wants to be able to financially support herself and a future family. For her final two semesters of college, she hopes to be on the Dean’s list. Carley just purchased her first ukulele and wants to become a professional player. She is very passionate about life!

A direct quote: “I graduated from high school with only thirty people in my class”.

A direct quote: “My basement is covered in Packer colors and signs from wall to wall”.

A direct quote: “I am ecstatic to begin my musical career by playing the ukulele”.

A paraphrase: According to US News, there are fewer and fewer people who become educators which makes schools short staffed.

A paraphrase: Mike Santa Barbara from Yard Barker mentioned that the Packers were losing until Rodgers scored a 13-yard touchdown.

A paraphrase: Carley Hach explained how she aims to become the best educator she can be and use her degree to its fullest potential.

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https://www.usnews.com/news/education-news/articles/2022-09-27/new-federal-data-too-few-applicants-i n-k-12-schools

K-12 teacher positions in the US are not being filled and there is a shortage and dire need for teachers of the young age. School staff are hurting for more employees; there are very few teachers applying for these positions.

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https://www.yardbarker.com/nfl/articles/packers_aaron_rodgers_becomes_fifth_player_in_nfl_history_to _reach_500_career_passing_touchdowns/s1_13132_37949466

Aaron Rodgers, one of the Packer’s most valuable players, has now scored over 500 touchdowns in his career. He is only the fifth player in NFL history to do so. He has become as successful as Brett Favre with 508 touchdowns , Peyton Manning with 539 touchdowns, Drew Brees with 571 touchdowns, and Tom Brady with 627 touchdowns.

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