Hurricane Ian wipes out power for southern Florida residents

By Ellie Gogolewski
Hurricane Ian has struck the coast of Florida with winds at 155 miles per hour.

Hurricanes with winds that high are reported to cause catastrophic damage and are extremely dangerous.

Alec Arndt, 23, lives in Fort Myers and had to say goodbye to his belongings as he lives in one of the most impacted areas of Florida at the time of the hurricane.

On September 28, 2022, the West Coast of Florida was severely impacted by a category four hurricane. It is reported that the winds from Hurricane Ian are due to climate change. Alec lives on the first floor of an apartment building right along the coast, so his complex was swiped away by the water, debris, and winds. Alec has rushed home to Sheboygan, Wisconsin to live with his family and work remotely until he can move into his new house in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The hurricane has flooded his entire place and ruined everything in it. “My furniture, mattress, electronics, and shoes have all been completely destroyed”, says Alec.

Alec Arndt enjoys living in Florida to pursue his post-graduation career as an IT sales manager at Gartner. He has always known his heart is in the Southeast.

“I have enjoyed my life in Florida since I graduated from UW-Whitewater,” explains Alec. “Even though the hurricane was a very scary and surreal experience, I am excited to be back in Florida once I get back on my feet. I am so thankful for my family and friends here in Wisconsin”.

Thousands of Florida residents lost power during this storm which made it hard for everyone to be able to return to their normal lives once the storm ended.

“My family has taken me shopping and some of my friends have donated money for me to buy a new laptop, new furniture, and just support me during this time”, said Alec.

Alec’s parents, grandparents, and friends took him out shopping to replace some of what he has lost.

Alec has plans to move back to Florida once the new year arrives and he plans to live with some friends. “Good thing I’ll live further north, so hopefully this won’t happen to me again”, said Alec.
Even though this has been tough for Alec, his head is held high and he plans to pick up his life right where he left off once he returns to Florida.

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