EPL Title Winner Impossible to Predict

The English Premier League may be the most hotly contested football league in the world. The 2016-17 season seems to show no change in terms of competition between teams.

The table has its top five contenders, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Manchester City all within ten points of each other, and last year’s champion Leicester City in 15th. There are several other teams which could potentially reach the top, as they are not much further behind in points, and still have around five months remaining in the season.

It is interesting to see the switch of Chelsea and Leicester, as last season Chelsea finished low on the table and Leicester was in first. This is a perfect example of the fluidity within the EPL, and many teams are able to compete for the title.

As in any EPL season, the competition is fierce. One can expect the remaining several months of competition to be fierce, and the games involving the top five to be heated. Now is the time when every point matters, and no team can afford to slip up.

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