Traditional Morals

Success in the United States is often measured in money. In comparison to European nations, the United States has traded its traditional morals for wealth and material possessions.

While someone born and raised in the United States may disagree with that statement, someone born in Europe who then moved to the US does not.

Terence King was born in Burnham in West London. King lived in Burnham during his upbringing and throughout is schooling. He became involved in mechanical engineering and took an apprenticeship working in the engineering field.

King then got married to his wife, Sandra King. After getting married, the couple went on a vacation to Phoenix, Arizona. In Phoenix, King fell in love with the states. So much so, when a friend of his showed him a job offer in Chicago working for Hollister Inc., he took it.

King then moved to the Chicago-land area and began working as an engineer in the design and marketing of healthcare equipment, and the machinery that makes it.

The move to the United States was not met without challenges, however. King, along with his wife were the only members of their family that made the move. King’s family was confused and upset at first, but King wanted to find adventure.

“It was strange at first,” King said. “We left our security, and left our family. That’s why immigrants stick together. It makes their environment feel more like home.”

King also felt that the morals in the United States were far different than those of European nations. King saw that people in the United States valued money and material possessions, and used those factors to measure success, rather than basing success off of character and values.

King worked to better himself despite the conflicting morals, and increase his knowledge in the engineering field by attending UW-Madison through Hollister. King also worked two full-time jobs to help support his wife and kids at home.

After working with Hollister for around 20 years, King became the principle engineer in charge of designing, marketing, and commercialization of healthcare equipment, as well as the building of plants in Ireland, India, England, and Denmark.

“Despite all of the faults that America has, I see a great deal of potential,” King said. “This truly is a place where hard work can allow someone to make a good living for themselves and their family.”

King currently resides in Antioch, Illinois with his wife, and, although he is retired, he still works as a consultant for Hollister. He enjoys his work, and implements what he believes are the correct morals in his work. King achieved success without focusing on wealth and materials, showing that the American Dream can still be obtained with traditional morals.

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