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The contradictions of an aspiring journalist

The word that best describes my digital news habits is contradictory. It’s inescapable that I am a creature of my century. Rather than printed newspaper purists or prime-time (and on-time) fanatics, I’ve satiated my predilection for news through podcasts. As… Continue Reading →

Back for J347!

Hello again! This semester I’ll be using the same blog for a different course. Many of the posts already on my blog are stories I wrote last semester. With this revivification, I will be using the blog to promote my… Continue Reading →

Find, follow and stay true to your love, Jobs told Stanford grads

Stanford Daily, Annie Pulley Offering this year’s commencement address, Steve Jobs charged Stanford graduates to adhere to the principles of trust, loyalty and courage. With three stories, he told the graduates to pursue their interests, stay loyal to their loves,… Continue Reading →

Mayoral misbehavior adds to Kittatinny’s fiscal crisis

By Annie Pulley Monday morning’s press conference with Kittatinny leaders exposed the challenges facing the city in light of felony charges pending against the city’s mayor and the steel mill’s recently announced closure. On Saturday afternoon, Mayor Gustavus Petykiewicz, 62,… Continue Reading →

A little rain and lots of candy: Triple Treat 2021

By Annie Pulley Candy, costume and community are the pillars of Hillcrest Bible Church’s annual Triple Treat festival in Oregon, Wisconsin. Triple Treat offers school children, teenagers, families and community members the chance to debut their Halloween personas a week… Continue Reading →

A soldier’s experience in service

By Annie Pulley “Always Ready, Always There” is the motto of the National Guard. These state armies are primarily tasked with protecting the homeland, but they also see foreign shores and combat.  Spc. Jonathan Pulley, 23, serves in the Wisconsin… Continue Reading →

Illuminating the Present through 19th Century Politicking

As the brief for this initial blog post was quite inclusive, I have decided to take you back a few centuries. Whether it be COVID-19 and schools or Afghanistan and Sept. 11th, there is always fuel for the American furnace… Continue Reading →

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