Mickey mouse monopoly

This was an eye opening documentary. Like they discussed in the film, I think of it as an almost holy thing. I think of Disney movies so highly because I relate them to my childhood. They are the movies and TV shows I remember from growing up. How can something related with a great time in my life be misrepresenting people so obviously without being noticed.

I think the biggest surprise for me was the Beauty and the Beast theory. Talking about how the beast was abusive to Belle but she learned to love him anyways. She looked at him in a different light and he became this outstanding, misunderstood person. We talked in class on how sometimes it can be really hard for someone to leave someone who is abusive to them and why it could be hard for them. That quickly popped into my head, it just sets up the people who are being abused to make it harder for them to leave. You have seen one side of them but you know that is not their only side. They are still a good person in their mind and don’t want them to be seen as this bad person.

The other part that was surprising was the Tarzan portion. I never realized or thought about how there were no black people in the movie, that is taking taking place in Africa. That seems so bizarre to think of. Like they say in the film, I think that directly plays into white supremacy.