POW MIA Inclusivity Constitution

The “I Will Not Forget” personal pledge Ten-Point Plan

  1. I pledge not to endorse the segregation of “traditional” and “non-traditional” students on campus
  2. I pledge I will befriend those in distress and not treat fellow colleagues like dirt for being elder students.
  3. I vow never to forget the sacrifice of the POW MIA issue in America.
  4. As a scholar, I vow to publish at least one class research project invested in bringing the POW MIA avatar of the individual researched back to life in vigil.
  5. I will use my power of publishing for diversity, equity and inclusion.
  6. I promise I will always use my academics for innovation and never for personal gain.
  7. As a contributor to the campaign, I realize my scholarly knowledge was meant for empowering families waiting for their loved ones and their return.
  8. I will volunteer and be present in the community as a social media advocate educating all about the importance of publishing the POW MIA issue.
  9. We do not endorse the Veterans of Foreign Wars or Rolling Thunder Inc. based on their groupthink ideology oppressing members of the press. I will report all occurrences and infractions by these organizations to Outpost 422.
  10. I will always help veterans and their families on campus and open conversations welcoming discussion regarding the POW MIA issue.