Who Likes Math?

Anyone can remember the times in high school that they got marked incorrect in math. Sometimes it was just for getting the question flat out wrong, but other times it was because you did not use the method the teacher… Continue Reading →

Shit Man, Bad Timing Man.

This meme does not feature any popular culture context, just some very hilarious original content. The meme starts by a man sadly proclaiming to his friend how his father had passed, and he replies “Shit man.”. Lone behold, the superhero… Continue Reading →

Nobody Cares!

On Reddit, popular meme pages with millions of readers had to go to drastic measures to ensure that everyone who wanted to was able to not have Endgame spoiled for them during its initial release period. Moderators of the subreddits… Continue Reading →

I Just See a High-Vis Vest

This is a fairly traditional joke that has been around since I have been a youngster. Any time that someone decides it is the right time to wear camouflage, you identify what kind of clothing it is and ask them… Continue Reading →

Not as Good as Shrek

  This creation utilizes the meme popular culture around the Avengers series and the Shrek series to make a crossover meme between the two giants. Shrek is often regarded as the greatest movie of all time in memes, and the… Continue Reading →

We Can’t Tell You Tony *ENDGAME SPOILER*

Wow, is this a meme for the ages. For anyone who is familiar with the Avengers series, we known that in Infinity War Dr. Strange explicitly stated that he went and viewed some four million alternate realities, in which the world… Continue Reading →

Give Me All The VPN

  After article 13, we are also making the joke that Europeans are going to need a little extra help to enjoy the internet. Tools called VPN’s help bypass the restrictions regarding a servers internet access and posting. This format… Continue Reading →

Not My Drink!

  This meme is created on the story of recent news. Cardi B stated that she used to con men into coming back to a room with her, only to drug them and steal all of their valuables. She was… Continue Reading →

Article 13

In Europe, there were some very serious internet copyright laws that began to move their way through the government. One of these laws is going to protect the spread of copyrighted images on social media. The humor behind this, is… Continue Reading →

Oh Sure, Pal.

  This meme comes from a worried Tom, from a “Tom and Jerry” episode. I love this format because Tom’s face produces a special sort of feeling. This meme does a great job of speaking for itself. If I was… Continue Reading →

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