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Safety Report-4/5/2017
Wednesday April 05th 2017, 11:27 pm
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With the prolonged rainfall we have had in our area, the local rivers are being affected severely. Right now, the Rock River is starting to crest over it’s banks, which can be potentially dangerous for fishermen. With this in mind, do heed caution when extreme high water conditions present themselves. Make sure you are on sturdy banks to avoid potential washout. Make sure people know that you are on the river. Make wise decisions while on the river. Another important reminder regards transportation to the water. As it stands currently, Bark River Road, an access road that leads to the Rock River, is currently impassable due to flooding. This happens often to roads adjacent to flood-prone rivers. Don’t ever drive through floods, and make sure you have alternate routes in the event that your normal routes become flooded.IMG_1243


I would assume with this forecast that the flooding will calm in the next few days. However if the storms they are predicting next week occur, conditions can shift quickly.

Be Safe and Tight Lines!