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Introducing with my guest on my blog posts, Brett Reader!

Hmong Lor Ryder:

Hey everyone! Just to let you all know that this post will actually be posted by one of my two guest I have collaborated in class, Brett Reader! His material differentiates from mine because he actually plays Nintendo, but I play games mainly on the PlayStation 4. If any of you play the Nintendo Swtich, Wii, Wii U, Gamecube, or older Nintendo consoles, you should check out his blog posts! Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy his post, and be sure to check out some of his blog posts! His link is here: Brett’s Bad Gaming Bash

Brett Reader:

Cadence of Hyrule first came out as a crossover with Crypt of the Necrodancer that came as a welcome surprise to many. No one would have expected Nintendo, the company notorious for 

its iron grip on its license, to allow an indie game studio to make a spinoff game for them. 

Cadence of Hyrule is a game that takes a lot of getting used to for someone who isn’t familiar with rhythm games. Instinctually I tried to play the game like a traditional top-down Legend of Zelda game and was quickly met with defeat as I struggled to leave some of the game’s first area. Through trial and error I slowly was able to get further and further along in the game.

Once I started getting more familiar with the game’s rhythm and I started collecting a few more exploration based items the game opened up a lot. The Power Glove allowed me to move heavy blocks while the Hookshot allowed me to grapple to new areas. The combination of those two items fell into a satisfying gameplay loop that had me finding new areas that gave me more health and weapons, that allowed me to explore further to obtain more health and weapons all the way until the final boss.

The first time I completed the game was on my own where I spent about 9 hours scouring the map for every advantage I could get my hands on to make the coming battles easier. The second time I had gotten more familiar with the game so a friend and I tackled it together in about three hours, a significant increase from the previous time and with about the same amount of gear. The third time I played through was a speedrun where I finally started figuring out some sneaky maneuvers to skip parts of dungeons and get through the game in about two hours. I would highly recommend this game if you’re a fan of Zelda games or a fan of rhythm games. It’s a game I can always come back to and just have a relaxing trip through Hyrule to some amazing music.