Here is a collection of all the photos I’ve taken so far.

Inside the Dublin airport
The view to the backyard from the sunroom
My breakfast
My host family’s house
View from the cafe
My bedroom
My bedroom window
Inside Onkel Toms Huette (train station)
Inside Onkel Toms Huette (train station)
The U-Bahn (U3)
Bode-Museum am Spree
The street the house is on
German Church and Dome on Gendarmenmarkt
Der Berliner Dom (The Berlin Dome)
French Dome and Church on Gendarmenmarkt
Konzerthaus Berlin (Berlin Concert House)
The sunroom
A street near Friedrichstrasse
Doener a.k.a. the best food every invented
BTS of the production studio
The stage where the reporter(s) sit
The building I have class is in on this street
My ticket for the Berlinische Gallerie

I was on my way home from the train station one day and saw this man driving down the street on his tractor.

We were there when they started filming the American news
Selfportrait with a Cat (Fun fact: The cat was sedated with whisky so it wouldn’t move.)
Women in Blue with Veiled Hat, 1939
The Creative Woman, 1930

This is a tactile version/interpretation of a piece of art. There were a few of these for various paintings at the museum.