Join the Laboratory!

Interested in joining the Lab for Language and Emotion?

Students in the lab gain valuable experience in the process of conducting scientific research.  More advanced lab members are mentored in conducting research studies that fulfill the goals of the lab, in presenting the results of their research at local, regional, national or international conferences, and in managing a scientific research lab.

Successful graduates from the lab have pursued graduate programs in cognitive psychology and economics, as well as careers involving data analysis.

I encourage you to read about the kind of research we do in the lab on other pages, and about the recommended requirements for joining the lab listed below.


By working in the lab, you may potentially earn course credit in Psych 498, 498R, or 499.  You can learn more about these credit-earning options on the Psychology Department’s “Experiential Courses” webpage.

Students interested in pursuing the Psychology Department’s Psychological Sciences Graduate Preparation Emphasis may work in the lab over the course of several semesters while they enroll in the maximum number of units in 498, 498R, and 499.

In addition, some lab students have received funding through undergraduate research fellowships for work during spring, fall, or summer semesters!  You can learn more about possible sources of funding at the Undergraduate Research Program.

It is recommended that students who join the lab:

  • Are majoring in Psychology
  • Have completed Psych 215 (Statistics) or equivalent with a B or above
  • Have completed Psych 216 (Research Methods) or equivalent with a B or above
  • Have an overall GPA and major GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Are Junior status
  • Contact Dr. Havas at least a semester in advance of planned involvement, indicating:
    • Whether or not you meet the recommended requirements above
    • Your goals or plans that involve undergraduate research in our lab

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Students who are interested in joining the lab should contact Dr. Havas at, or stop by my office!