Hannah Broome

Patient Summer Camp Counselor with expertise caring for and assisting children. Energetic individual ensuring a safe, fun, and educational environment for all. Dedicated to camper happiness and safety. Approached each day and unique challenges with enthusiasm, patience, and determination.

  • Group supervision
  • Health and wellness
  • Safety measures
  • Child supervision
  • First aid and CPR
  • Activity planning
  • Supplies and materials oversight
  • Camper supervision
  • Verbal and written communications
  • Safety and compliance

Camp Jorn Ymca 

  • Instructed participants on safety techniques and specific activity requirements
  • Checked children prior to entering boats, canoes or kayaks to check life jacket usage and maintain overall safety standards
  • Supported children by actively listening and offering encouragement
  • Participated in weekly meetings to coordinate with other staff on campers’ progress, issues, and goal achievement
  • Supervised group of four to ten children in yurts for two-week sleepaway camp
  • Taught children ages thirteen to fifteen basics of water sports, including swimming, boating, kayaking and canoeing
  • Helped at-risk youths in low-income areas by guiding, mentoring and counseling, as well as encouraging each to achieve personal and spiritual goals
  • Ordered and maintained all recreational equipment
  • Supervised camper activities to address behavioral issues and promote fun, safety and inclusivity
  • Provided clear instruction to activity and program participants to ensure fun and safety
  • Kept track of allergies and dietary restrictions, verifying correct meals and snacks were given to campers

Comfort Inn & Suites

  • Kept track of money transactions 
  • Provided optimal customer service to guests 
  • Organized social events for guests and made reservations
  • Used sanitary measures when setting up breakfasts.
  • Handled digital accounts
  • Booked reservations
  • Followed up with guests

Big R

  • Ran customer service Cashier
  • Trained other cashiers
  • Used Problem-solving skills to resolve any Customer’s dissatisfaction 
  • Kept area clean and tidy 
  • Organized inventory for stocking purposes
  • Created promotional sales formations
  • Handled digital transactions 

Current PR student