The Future of Reputation

“The Future of Reputation”

  1. The article starts out with the story about “dog poop girl” which originally was supposed to be a private altercation that happened on a city train. However the event spreaded across the internet as the girl became the butt of many jokes worldwide as the article goes in-depth about how the internet exploded and blogs became extremely popular. In addition the author discusses the pros and cons of this internet era and tackles various topics that plague society from cyberspace such as invasion of privacy.
  2. Technology, especially social media, allows people who otherwise would not conversate be able to talk to one another about anything. In result, people are joined together worldwide and can form groups to discuss about everything. Twitter is a prime example of how groups form together through the use of a simple hashtag.
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  4. This quote is very applicable to the article about “dog poop girl”, especially when you take into context the circumstances of the situation. Although the event happened in public, before the internet and blog sites this would be a ordeal that would’ve stayed between only the people on the city train, however, because one of the bystanders posted it on their blog site this event was know made public to millions.
  5. Personally I believe people share information due to the fact that we see that everyone else does it freely (known as the Jones effect). Secondly, as humans people want to feel interconnected with society and by sharing information you a sparking a connection and making yourself feel important in the world. As far as online dating, I think that people feel more comfortable exchanging information (especially more personal information) through their phone instead of face-to-face communication.
  6. Through this article I was able to get a better grasp on the power of the internet and how it truly connects everyone worldwide. Anything that I post could be viewed by literally anybody which is somewhat troublesome when thought about. Also the article sheds light on how the internet can start social movements whether they are positive or negative such as the public shaming of “dog poop girl”.