Is Google Making Us Stupid?

Donovan Green

Professor Wachanga

New Communication Technologies


Is Google Making Us Stupid?


As technology has become the forefront of human innovation so has the pursuit of information as well, oftentimes sparking the debate that Nicholas Carr made in his article Is Google Making Us Stupid? which expounds on individuals trading human intelligence for artificial intelligence. The world’s most powerful search engine, Google, has taken concentrated steps to take “what you mean and gives you back exactly what you want” therefore making the experience as effortlessly as possible as if we aren’t already in a hyper-enforced “supply and demand” era. Humans are spoiled. We have evolved to individuals who prioritize instant gratification and autonomous accessibility to all resources. With that being stated, is having endless information on-call from our fingertips worth the perceived detriment of human intelligence?

Personally, I believe individuals are accountable for their own growth and development despite external influences. Humans are ignorant in some fashion to something. Google’s objective is to attain all information possible and make it accessible to the masses. A consequence of this is by living in today’s era where media has been concised to short, consumable pieces of information that don’t challenge someone’s attention span it can be easily noticed how the future has a troubling outlook. However just as with every advancement there are positive and negative consequences in result. On the positive side companies like Google, for example, have opened the floodgates of information processing for society. This despite all negative consequences is still a major win for society.


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