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The Game Library is a blog by students of game design for students and prospective students of game design. Our goal is to get more people to think of games in terms of design. What mechanics help a game?  What hurts it? Or how does a game’s narrative and gameplay interact?

On this blog, we’ll break down what we think works well in a video game, what we think doesn’t, and why, using both our knowledge of game mechanics, design philosophy,  and what we know of the industry itself.

No one on this site is an expert or can claim to be an industry expert in any way shape or form. Everyone involved with this blog is currently a student, but even when we graduate and get jobs in our respective fields I think we could all still consider ourselves students. After all, when it comes to games there is a library worth to learn.


Ian HIan's Profile Pictureertzberg – Website Creator & Lead Writer

I’m currently majoring in Media Arts and Game Design and minoring in creative writing. I’ve worked as a freelance and volunteer video games journalist in the past. I’ve written plenty of embarrassing fiction that may or may not still be out on the internet somewhere.  I run this website on the day-to-day basis and am responsible for the website’s regularly scheduled content creation and publication.

More coming soon . . . 

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