Week 2

Comparing all three of these videos, the most common theme that comes to mind is how much media has changed and how it affects us. In the transmedia vid, Henry Jenking explains how the 21st century change of media had a huge impact on how we approach everything in life. In the short interview video Jenkins also mentions how we get and receive something from these new technologies on  a frequent basis. This is what led me to add “How Has the Internet Changed Our Lives” to the blog as it dives deeper into what aspects it changed the way we do things. This involves the way we view entertainment, meet people, and most importantly gain information. Jenkins said himself in the Transmedia video, that something could be showcased to the maximum extent of media channels. What once could be seen in print could now be viewed on our phones, television, websites, etc. Without the new media and technologies that we have today, these videos and even this blog post wouldn’t even  be as accessible. It just makes it more interesting to see where technology and the way we process information could keep evolutionizing as the years go by.