Assignment 7- Women’s basketball game text story

The No. 17 ranked Warhawks defeated Augustana with a score of 75-67 in Rock Island, Illinois, on Wednesday night in a no-conference match up.

UW-Whitewater outscored the Vikings 23-12.

The Warhawks were led by junior guard Bccky Raeder, who had 19 points on the night, along with sophomore guard Adriana Green, who hit a career-best of 13 points and two steals.

“We knew that Augustana really wanted a win because it was their first game on their home floor, so we knew we had to come together and play together,” said Becky Raeder. “We rebounded well and kept them from getting offensive rebounds and put backs.”

The Warhawks were 42-31 in rebounds over Augustana. UW-Whitewater also had eight turnovers and scored 17 fast-break points.

They made 8 out of the 12 free-throws in the fourth quarter to seal the win, while Augustana was shooting 50 percent in that quarter.

On Saturday at Kachel Gymnasium, the Warhawks fell short to fourth-ranked Thomas More from Kentucky, with a score of 69-48 in another non-conference match up.

The Warhawks were held to 27.1 percent shooting. The Warhawks were led by senior center Becky Deichl with nine points, seven rebounds and one block, along with senior forward Olivia Freckmann with eight points and eight rebounds.

“In order to be the best you have to beat the best, so I think that was a really good lesson for us,” said Becky Deichl. “They didn’t do anything that we couldn’t, it’s just that they did all the little things well and were really disciplined. For us, this means that we really need to focus on communicating defensively. It will be really important for us to do a better job cleaning up the glass moving forward.”

Deichl brought UW-Whitewater to within 13 points through the second, since Thomas More was holding the Warhawks to almost an 18-point lead most of the game.

Head coach Keri Corollo was positive about the end result, even if it was not what the team was looking for. “I’m proud of our girls tht we did not give them a whole lot of transition baskets. That was one of our goals, which was to not give them anything easy and make it hard,” said Corollo. “You can see why they have been in the final four, won many national championships and are ranked 4th in the country. They are a very good team.”

The Warhawks resume non-conference play this Saturday, Dec. 8 against Coe from Iowa at Kachel Gymnasium.

UW-Whitewater women’s volleyball defeats rival UW-Oshkosh- Assignment 2

The No. 25 women’s volleyball team produced another solid week of competition, going 3-1 in the span of four days.

The Warhawks won their sixth straight match Sept. 26 at Russell Arena against rival UW-Oshkosh. They finished in three sets with scores of 25-18, 25-23, 25-20.

Head coach Stacy Boudreau was very impressed with her team in the rivalry game.

“We look forward to all of our conference matches,” Boudreau said. “This was a fun one. We had a lot of our student-athletes at the game tonight. We just have to keep doing what we are doing and take one game at a time.”

Junior outside hitter Rachel Butterfield and freshman outside hitter Emma Aske both led the Whitewater offense with nine kills, along with freshman outside hitter Emily Gillen tying her career high in blocks with five.

“It was a team win,” freshman setter KellyAnn Sotiros. “We came together, and we did what we had to do with every person on and off the court.”

The Warhawks will host the UW-Whitewater Dig Panici Classic at Russell Arena Oct 5.

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Assignment 1

I am interested in different forms of news. I am interested in national news vs. international because I am more concerned with what is going on in our country vs. the rest of the world. I do not follow state news unless it is serious, and I follow local news much more. On a regular basis, I follow the news that pops up on my phone from Twitter.

I do not follow news from my hometown. My town is not that large, so the only type of news that we get is based out of Milwaukee. I find it from the newspaper or the Milwaukee news channels. If I want important news, I usually go to FOX. My favorite news site is E! News because I am into reality news/television, and popular news that I can relate to is much more appealing. I use Google to find all of my news.

When I consume news, I read text, watch news videos, and listen to audio reports.

My favorite format to get news is from watching videos, because you are getting the information you want to hear and usually in each video, the reporter is talking from the scene where a certain event is occurring. It seems much more ‘real’ news, compared to some stories that could potentially be fabricated or taken from another news media site.

I personally have never interacted with the news by posting a comment, unless it is a serious topic that I feel like I have to have my voice heard. For example, in the 2016 election, there were people commenting so many different things about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton that it ended up just being a very chaotic election. I feel like if I ever wanted to get involved, I would, but in the end commenting on news is just something that is not my personal style. I have never e-mailed a reporter or submitted content to a news site. Like I previously said, I am someone that is not into getting involved with news and specific topics, so I just keep to myself until it is necessary to stand up for my beliefs.

Social media is my main media outlet for getting all of my news. I am on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Each of these social media sites have news that you can view every day at almost every time of the day. I usually end up on Twitter for my news, because I believe that is where most news viewers go to right away for their news because it is instant and so many people use Twitter to tweet their emotions. Also, news channels usually have Twitter’s which makes it easier for the news stations to reach out to their viewers faster and more efficiently. I do not follow any news sites on Twitter, but if there is breaking news it usually pops up in my news feed and that is where I then find my information on what is happening at that moment.

I do not read blogs or listen to podcasts. In order to make sure the news I am reading is reliable, I double check the sources to make sure I am not reading any fabricated news.

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