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    The Pajama Crawl

    The Pajama Crawl is a bar crawl that took place in Wrigleyville. The crawl contained thousdands of people going bar to bar in oneies or pajamas all day long. The ticket includes admission, a breakfast buffet, and coupons to use at the bars. This one of a kind bar crawl was filled with cozyness and laughs. I enjoyed that you had options to go to which bar you wanted instead of following a strict schedual. Nothing betterthan friends and drinking in pajamas all day.

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    Pike Place Market

    Pike Place Market is a public market in Seattle, Washington. This market is located in the heart of the city and is a vibrant neighborhood made up of hundreds of farmers, craftspeople, small businesses, and residents. This historical market is nine acres of food, flowers, shops, and activities for everyone. This spot has never-ending beautiful views of the city and water. With hundreds of options of where to eat or where to shop I was never disappointed with any of the choices I made. This wasn’t only a perfect picture taking place but an unforgettable market that can’t compare to any other ones I been to.  

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    Paradise Spring Nature Trail

    Paradise Spring nature trail is one of my favorite spots in Wisconsin, this destination is absolutely beautiful and full of gorgeous views. They have a catch and release pond to fish and wonderful waterfall to take pictures of. This old Wisconsin trail has quite the history behind it and never seems to disappoint my nature needs.