The difference between a good leash and a bad one.

Walking your dog can be tough sometimes due to the fact that a dogs attention span isn’t too high. So I decided it might be useful to show dog owners what would be considered a good leash and what would be considered a bad one.

The purpose of a walk with your dog is to simply enjoy each others company but outside. Most dogs love to smell and see everything at all times, so it can be tough sometimes to manage and control your pup.

Types of Leashes that are Discouraged:

Retractable Leashes

Retractable leashes are HIGHLY discouraged through out the dog community due to the fact that they allow your pet to go a far distance, which can result in something very dangerous. For example, not all dogs get along with all dogs, so if your pet were to run up to a random dog not knowing if they were nice, something could happen.

Also, most retractable leash cords are very thin, meaning the chances of the cord breaking are high, as well as the owner getting tangled up. Which could quickly turn your “walk” with your dog to either a run or a bruised knee.

But most importantly, retractable leashes are not comfortable for your dog. There has been numerous injuries to dogs due to the fact that the jerk of the cord against the collar is so aggressive. Some of the injuries include rashes or wounds to the skin underneath the collar and even spinal injuries.

Leashes that we LOVE:

“Standard Leashes”

These types of leashes are basically any leash that is 4-6ft and comfortable in your hand. You can often times find these at pet stores. They are made from nylon, leather, rope, and even hemp! The nylon and rope leashes are my favorite because they can come in a variety of colors and patterns and durable enough to withstand my crazy golden.

Most standard leashes are the same length (4-6ft) and the same width, which is around 1 in. Pet owners should prefer standard leashes because they are less likely to break and allows the owner to have more control of their pup. Also, the texture of the leash also is found not to cause as much irritation to the dogs skin as much as other leashes do.


If you need extra help with controlling your dog while walking, I highly suggest investing in a harness. Harnesses allows the leash to be connect at the top of the dogs neck, rather than just simply going back and forth around their neck. Harnesses also limit the chances of your dog wiggling out of their collar because the harness is connect around their entire belly. Not to mention, the colors and patterns of some harnesses will make you pup look even cuter than you could imagine!

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