Looking at the bright side.

We’re talking dogs.

Hello readers! I hope you are enjoying your day, as I am trying my hardest to! The stress of school and life has been getting the best of me, so I figured I would try to be positive and think about my dogs. While being at school, I often miss my dogs and the thought of them being all alone at home right now with no one to play with makes my heart break. So, I figured since I can’t go home and play with my dogs, I might as well write about them in blog to show them how much I care.

Meet Lily

Lily is just like her name, a pretty and delicate little flower. Lily is a 10 year old Pointer and Jack Russell Terrier mix. Lily is the sweetest dog in the world and loves everyone. Her favorite things are belly rubs, long walks, and food. She is also a trouble maker sometimes…she has eaten a bowl of grapes, 3 bags of chocolate chips, 2 socks, and has jump out the car window!

We got Lily back in 6th grade on our way home from my soccer game. My sister sent an email to my mom about an “adopt-ta-thon” going on at the PetStore that was near my soccer game. An “adopt-ta-thon” is where a couple of local humane society’s team up and promote the adoption of their dogs at a reputable pet store, like PetSmart. So we decided it would be fun to go look at all the puppies after my game because who doesn’t love playing with puppies? So we all walked in and immediately saw Lily curled up in the corner looking cuter than ever. The second I saw her, I turned around and looked at my mom, who then turned around and looked at my dad, who knew that we were going home with another dog. After a hour of my mom trying to convince my dad that we need another dog, I brought Lily over and made my dad hold her and knew she was a keeper.

Meet Stella

Stella is my five year old golden who is filled with lots of energy, love, excitement, and anxiety! Stella is one of the sweetest dogs in the world, but she is very nervous of new faces and loud sounds. But, once Stella warms up to you, she will greet you with endless kisses and smiles.

My family and I adopted Stella at the PetSmart in Naperville, Illinois back in August of 2015. We decided to adopt Stella to keep Lily company after the passing of my beloved dog Moxie. It was very quiet in the house at the time and we wanted to make sure Lily didn’t feel lonely with out her. So after doing a little research online, I saw that there was an “adopt-ta-thon” event going on at our local PetSmart. After long discussion with my parents, we decided to drive over and just look at the puppies. Little did we know, that we would fall in love with the golden little fur ball we call Stella.

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