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Below you will find a variety of useful resources that may aid you in your economics courses and/or economic related endeavors.

Data Resources
FRED – Federal Reserve Economic Data (useful MS Excel ‘add in’ feature: download here)
FRB – Federal Reserve Board Data
BLS – Bureau of Labor Statistics
CBO – Congressional Budget Office
NBER – National Bureau of Economic Research
IMF –  International Monetary Fund
BEA – Bureau of Economic Analysis
National Statistics – UK Data
Census Bureau

Educational Aids & Refresher Tools
Wolfram Alpha – Math Help
The Kahn Academy – Short tutorials on a variety of subjects
Excel is Fun – Excel tutorials on YouTube
Useful Stata Commands – Helpful commands for working with Stata V12
Mark Thoma Youtube – Economics lectures from University of Oregon economist Mark Thoma

Economics Related Blogs that are GREAT
Econbrowser – (also has a long list of other economics related blogs)
Calculated Risk(highly recommended for those interested in the Fed Challenge)
Freakonomics – (some conversational economics)
Greg Mankiw’s Blog – (Harvard professor and author of the #1 best selling introductory to microeconomics textbook)
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s Blog – (the Atlanta Fed puts out a great blog, and since it’s from the Fed it’s very reputable)
Paul Krugman’s Blog – (famous economist and NY Times columnist)
Financial Times Blog – (the Financial Times puts out some the greatest articles in mass print)
John Taylor’s Blog – (this is THE John Taylor, as in the “Taylor Rule” Taylor)
Vox EU – (Research-based policy analysis and commentary from leading economists)
Project Syndicate – (Opinion, commentary, Op-ed from today’s top economists and more)

The EconomicsDegree website can be another useful tool for an econ major.  It provides a general overview of the career paths for an economics major, as well as the schooling recommended for such a position.  It also provides some information on scholarships available to economics majors.


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