What Is Designify?


Recognize this? This was designed by Milton Glaser and was originally used to promote tourism in New York!

Designify is a place to explore how much design is a part of our lives. It’s involved in our mornings, noons and nights and often times we don’t even realize it! The image above is a great example! Many of you probably recognize it but probably never thought of the designer who made it happen; that’s why Designify is here! We’ll be taking a look at designers, both famous and up-and-coming, and exploring how we’re connected to design through music, sports, food and more. We’ll also explore different types of design that you may not normally think about.┬áDon’t be intimidated! All posts on this site are done by a graphic design student who is also exploring right along with you. You don’t need to have prior knowledge or know the ins and outs, you just need to be curious and have an open mind. Simple, right? Look around and feel free to comment!

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