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NEW COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY: Transmedia in the world of Modern Media

The media today and the technological advances that we have made in the modern era have been critical steps in improving our communication avenues, experiences, and have brought to us a new way to interpret the world. The two videos on Canvas called “Transmedia” and the “Henry Jenkins Interview Short” are two highly insightful videos that help portray to us how our everyday media usage has transformed into a technological phenomenon. In the “Transmedia” and “Henry Jenkins Interview” videos, Henry Jenkins explains the silent but apparent transition that we have undergone within our media because of the continuous development of our media technologies. We no longer rely on the old and dying methods of media devices; instead, we have taken advantage of this new technology such as smartphones, computers, and even the rapid successful spread of the internet is impossible to hold off on. Therefore, for my third video, I decided to pick the short video called “What is Transmedia Storytelling?” In this video, Transmedia storytelling is explained as art that depicts a franchise or story through multiple different platforms that can range from movies, books, video games, social media, and much more. Transmedia, thanks to our advancement in communication technology, has transformed our modern media world and has grown into an art form that can communicate several different lessons, thoughts, stories, and in general, can capture experiences that were never possible before our growth within media technologies.