Concurrent presentation sessions will last 45 minutes.  You are welcome to structure time to fit your presentation.  Remember Q&A!  A typical session consists of approximately 35 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for questions and answers. 

We encourage proposals in the following themes:

  • Student Engagement: Topics may include learner engagement strategies, discussing different ways of supporting students in courses, incorporating active learning strategies, measuring student success, or other engaging teaching activities.
  • Integrating Teaching and Technology: Topics may include lessons learned from Canvas, integrating emerging technology into teaching, using mobile devices (e.g., smartphones, tablets, etc.) or apps, leveraging analytics to improve teaching or learning, ePortfolio, or preparing students for 21st century skills (e.g., evaluating information, being a digital collaborator).
  • Access and Inclusion: Topics may include Universal Design and supporting students with disabilities, access to remote learners, closing the equity gap for underrepresented minority students, meeting the needs of Spanish-speaking and Latinx students, and supporting non-traditional students.
  • High Impact Practices: Topics may include showcasing high impact practices, community based learning, undergraduate research, collaborative teaching practices, first year experiences, or LEAP projects.
  • Something Else: Have an idea that doesn’t fit into the themes above? That’s okay! Submit your idea using the “Something Else” theme!

Sessions that involve collaboration and creativity are encouraged!

You can submit your proposals at:

Proposals are due March 2nd, 2020.