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What is fast fashion? Fast fashion is a term referring to any article of clothing that is made in a large batch in a short time. The idea behind fast fashion is to take styles from the runway or from major trends and put them into stores quickly and cheaply. Then, because of the low production costs, the clothes are able to be sold at a low price point in stores. Fast fashion exists as a cyclical model, where the clothes are made fast, and also made to fall apart fast. This allows the wearer then to feel the need to replace the clothes at a faster rate, and thus perpetuate the cycle. This also reinforces the trend cycle of clothes, which has also increased exponentially in the past century. When the clothes fall apart, it causes consumers to feel the need to replace their clothes with newer and trendier items. Who are the perpetrators of fast fashion? Any store who subscribes to this model, and sells clothes in large numbers. There are the obvious offenders, mall brand stores like Abercrombie, Hot Topic, American Eagle, etc. Then there are those who take fast fashion to the next level, releasing new styles weekly, or even more extremely, daily. Stores like Shein, Forever 21, Boohoo, Fashion Nova, etc have completely set the precedent for clothing production. There are stores and businesses that are slow-batch fashion, these are stores that often make their items made-to-order to avoid waste, or are made with much more sustainable materials. Many of these stores are online, in order to better control their production numbers. Examples of these stores are Girlfriend Collective, Reformation and CHNGE. Many fast fashion stores have received backlash for their practices, and are now marketing ethical collections and trying to appear more sustainable. Often this is an example of greenwashing, and the clothes are still produced under unethical conditions. However, as previously mentioned, these fast fashion stores do have the major advantage of selling their clothing at lower price points, which is objectively appealing. For some, this is their only option, so completely switching clothing stores isn’t possible. However, it is something worth looking into.

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  1. I think that fast fashion is nice because everyone can get what they want in styles, but it also makes it a problem when people don’t buy the clothes. The problem with some companies and how they do releases is that they do not make enough of a certain style for everyone, so a $30 shirt is being bought in bulk and resold for $100+. I know making clothes as they are ordered isn’t an ideal way of business, but I think it would be better for the environment.

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