Hello Everybody!

Hi, guys!

This is my first blog, and I’m super excited to learn more about blogging and how it works. I’m a senior at UW-Whitewater and live in Middleton, WI. I’m a huge sports fanatic (Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Lions, Milwaukee Brewers, and obviously the Wisconsin Badgers), have a fascination with Japan and its culture, and I love music (percussion, singing, and a little piano being my specialty). Join me on this blog as I talk about school, journalism, the struggles of being an English major, and a vast variety of other subjects. As for now, here’s a little bit to get you more familiar with who I am.

  • My birthday is December 20, 1996
  • I graduated from Middleton High School in 2015 (Go, Cardinals!)
  • I have lived in beautiful Wisconsin my entire life
  • Some of my favorite actors are DeForest Kelley, Richard Dawson, Bob Crane, and Werner Klemperer
  • I’m addicted to reading
  • I like writing my stories and plan on writing my first book after graduating in May
  • I HATE math
  • I can speak French and Japanese
  • My past career interests were being a doctor, detective, singer/actress, chemist, and an English teacher

My dream is to move out to San Diego someday. Learn more about it at their official website: https://www.sandiego.org

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