Week 2 Focus Points

Media convergence & Collective intelligence 

Interview with Henry Jenkins directed by Peter Zak
Transmedia explained By Henry Jenkins

What I Took Away from Herny Jenkins Videos

Henry Jenkins instills in both videos that media convergence is where an idea is played out the max number of times on each media channel in the most efficient way possible.

The WGA (writers) and SAG-AFTRA (actors) unions went on strike starting this summer to contiune the longevity of writing and acting as a career

Not only has a WGA strike been going on for over 100 days, but they remain strong. Currently notable actors and actresses are bidding services on eBay such as dog walking or Zoom call to help raise strike funds.

Both unions are using collective intelligence by sharing their experiences directly to their audience members through short-form video (the new blog!) and union websites. 

The message the unions have put out is big media companies (Netflix, CBS, Disney, ect.) have failed to meet their employees’ reasonable demands. The unions have created a plausible promise by making their call to action simple; don’t cross the picket line and donate to support the fund if possible. 

Adam Conover explains WGA Strike


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