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As the semester starts to get busier, it becomes really easy to get of track with taking care of yourself. In the next few months of craziness of homework and the much dreaded group projects, it is even more important to make sure that you are eating regularly and that they are healthy meals.

It is very easy to be tempted to eat out or get fast food, but this can get expensive very fast. While ordering a pizza is fast and easy, it is a short term gain long term loss. Also, most if not all fast food is not great for your diet. Similarly, with the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching soon, their is going to be an abundance of sweets available. Using these to replace meals is not a good alternative either. So what should you do? I have 3 tips that should help you out.

1. The best tip that I have is to cook a big meals a few times a week and make sure that you will have leftovers. After that, package the leftovers in portioned containers. This will make it easy to reheat a good meal healthy meal. These make for great lunches on the go or even quick dinners at home. This will save you time and energy because you are only going through the effort of making a full meal a few time a week instead of everyday.

2. If you are constantly on the go, buy prepackaged snack packs from your local grocery store. This could include any thing like nuts, granola bars, or meat and cheese protein packs. These individually packaged, snack sized meals can help get a busy person through the day. These sometimes are expensive. Another option would be for you to buy a larger package of these individual items and put them in zipper bags as you need them. This takes just a little more time but could save you money every week at the grocery store.

3. The last tip is to simply make a conscious effort to eat healthy meals. Eating fast food every now and then is not bad but making a habit of it is expensive and unhealthy. By eating healthy, this will help keep your immune system strong as everyone else is getting sick. Similarly, you will have more energy to tackle the long tough days ahead.

I hope you found these useful. Please let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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