• Benefits of summer camp-Pros/Cons,  Making the Decision

    Benefits of Summer Camp

    Summer camp is such wonderful experience that I strongly believe everyone should have! I have learned so many things from summer camp and established so many values from summer camp as well. Summer camp provides children with opportunities for personal growth, building self esteem, and teaching teamwork. At most summer camps children are able to grown personally by being pushed out of their comfort zone to try new things that they wouldn’t have access to on a regular day at home and facilities to help children push themselves. Children are able to build their self esteem at summer camp because it provides a safe place for children to be themselves…

  • Finding The Fit,  Overnight Camp

    Overnight Camp

    Sleep away camp is another option of summer camp. I believe a child gains more from an overnight summer camp than a day camp. At overnight camp a child is more likely to be pushed out of their comfort zone and try new things rather than being a day camp that is more likely to be viewed as a childcare service. On top of a structured daily schedule similar to day camp schedules, over night camps include, evening activities, cabin bonding time, overnight nature trips, and many more team building activities that children aren’t usually exposed to.

  • Day Camp,  Finding The Fit

    Day Camp

    Many summer camps are just during the day. This would be considered a more recreational daycare for many ages. Most day camps are available for ages five-fifteen years old. Many day camps offer a structured daily schedule that circles around daily activities, free time, lunch, a water activity, quiet time, snack, and pick up time. A more specific schedule would be offered at a specialialized summer camp that focused around a theme or activity: Sports, Arts, Music, or a Religious Summer Camp. A day camp would be a better option for a child that doesn’t like being away from home for long or a child that has other commitments that…

  • My Camp Experiences

    Camp and I

    My camp history is quite extensive. My mother and her best friend grew attending a sleepover camp, Camp Jorn YMCA in Northern Wisconsin, in a small town called Manitowish Waters. As they grew up they moved on and started working there, in these days they were hired at just the age of 15. My mother had me when she was 21 years old so camp was still a huge part of her lives and it soon became a part of mine. Most of my mom’s closest friends attend or worked at this summer camp. I was five years old when I first stepped foot on the property. I don’t remember…

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    Hi everyone, Welcome to this page ! My goal is that this site is used for parents to help decide if they should send their children to summer camps: Which types of camps, activities, camp values, and so much more! All camps are unique in their own way and it’s important that you know what you are looking for in a camp before you decide on one.