Viewing the Reggio Way – Day 2


We had another insightful day learning at Boulder Journey School on Thursday. The morning started with everyone choosing classrooms, activities, or interest areas to see during the morning.

The afternoon included conversations about teacher support and training, the concept of messing about (the importance of adults exploring the materials that children use), and the school’s process for their art studio.

After a busy day of thinking, we were able to explore some of Boulder; some went tubing along boulder creek and others went hiking along the Chautauqua trail in the Flatirons.

You have heard a little about our week – we would like to hear a little about yours.

Boulder Journey School Visit: Day 1



Our first day at Boulder Journey School! We were welcomed by this sign at the door.

The day started with a brief description of the school history and then we toured the 16 different classrooms and 6 outdoor spaces. Next we had lunch and heard presentations from faculty about the flow of the day, documentation, and an evolution of a year long investigation.

We have been able to reflect together as the Children’s Center Staff as well as with the Early Childhood Faculty. Some of our discussions have been about: the center’s physical space, engaging families in the classroom learning, planning, and documentation, making learning visible, and the furthering inclusion of teacher candidates at the center.

Teacher favorite moments

” I love seeing the outdoor spaces and watching the children explore within the outdoor classroom” Ms. Jenna

“I’m enjoying seeing different uses of documentation and spaces within the center and how I can better use both of these as tools of teaching” Ms. B

“I was so inspired by seeing the dedication to the rights of the child by both staff and families alike!” – Ms.  Erica

“I’ve especially enjoyed seeing the classroom environments. The classrooms all felt very homey with the use of natural light and even having a shoe optional policy. ” -Ms. Chelsea

“Children and teachers have the opportunity to move throughout the school space. Whether this is to go visit a sibling or to experience a small group learning activity; there is the chance to have personal experiences. Each child is a respected member of the school.” – Ms. Elizabeth



First Post: Introduction

Welcome to the idea blog for the Children’s Center.

Frequently we see and hear about interesting ideas in regards to the care of young children. This space will give staff room to post their findings and hopefully allow us to show others where we are trying to go.

Our first sets of posts will be from our training trip to Boulder Journey School in Boulder Colorado.  This is a Reggio Emilia inspired school. For more info about the Reggio approach to early learning check out this site.

The Children’s Center teaching staff, as well as the Early Childhood Education faculty, will be spending 3 days learning at the school.

Until Boulder!