Which Color Will You Choose?

As the 2022 car season starts to flourish, let’s look at some of the most popular colors for car wraps this year. According to the article on, Matte Purple is the number one color. Each roll comes with 20 ft x 5 ft of wrap, which will cover your car minus a sunroof. It is easy to install as well. 

Another very common wrap people have been getting is carbon fiber. This wrap has been very popular almost every year, as the look of carbon fiber is seen as superior. The wrap basically mocks the look of real carbon fiber, but at a much cheaper cost.

Many people are starting to be more colorful and creative with their cars. Multicrome colors are becoming extremely popular. These are wraps that change color depending on what part of the car hits the sunlight. They are called chameleon wraps. In one spot the car will look purple, while from a different angle it will look blue. These 2 colors or the most common color according to the article, however I have been seeing many other color variations such as yellow and orange, and green and yellow. 

One color that I have seen on several cars this season is teal. Whether it is matt or gloss, people are loving it. I have seen it on cars ranging from Subaru WRX’S to Ford Focus St’s. What’s really fun about this color is not only the fact that it sticks out to the human eye, but that it can add attention to other parts of your car. I have seen some people contrast this color with white or shiny silver wheels which can look really good. 

Car color is all a preference. There is no right or wrong. Everyone has their own opinions, and while some may not like the color you choose, others will. The only thing that matters is that you like the color, because at the end of the day it is YOUR car not theirs.

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