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LeBron James is the GREATEST BASKETBALL PLAYER EVER! In my opinion…. I don’t care what anyone say, no player has done the things he has done and still doing in year number 15 in the NBA. You can have your Russell Westbrook’s, ya Kevin Durant’s and you can even have Kobe too! I’m taking LeBron James if we talking about building a team around ONE player. He the youngest player to reached 30,000 career points and he’s only 33 years of age. A young 33 I might add, there’s just no stoping him. The only thing that holds back LeBron is his championship defeats. I mean when you make it to the finals 7 years straight you bound to lose a few! Lebron James never has the help he needs when the crunch matters most. He can help build a team all he wants but the players never step up in the big moment. In my opinion LeBron James is a better basketball player than Michael Jordan could ever be. Sure, he went undefeated in championship runs but he also took breaks! Who did Jordan really beat anyway? A old Magic Johnson, Clyde Dee Lee and the nameless Trailblazers? Or was his greatest opponent the Seattle SuperSonics? Jordan retired twice during his championship runs and LeBron is playing his 15 year! No major injuries, he is the epitome of work ethic and dedication. He’s so committed to the game of basketball not just from a physical standpoint but a mental standpoint also. He’s a small forward that can pass like a point guard, he can jump out the gym like he has SPRING IMPLANTS, in his legs! He’s a leader, he’s employed all of his friends, he’s funded scholarship for children to go to school, and he’s a GREAT FATHER AND HUSBAND. Something you don’t see too often from an athlete. He’s the best player in his generation and honestly a lot of other generations played before him. If he continues to excel at the game of basketball then there can’t be any dispute ever on who’s the greatest. He’s owns all the records and he WILL BUMP THOSE CHAMPIONSHIPS UP SOME! Which teams receives his greatness this Summer 2018 NBA Free agency. They will be on there way to a THREE-PEAT! And you Heard it here first @BIGELIBLOGS #LebronTheGoat

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan until the age of 13. Has lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the last ten years while attending and graduating Wauwatosa West High School (Class 0f 2013). Honor roll student and former football player for the University of Wisconsin Whitewater War hawks. Currently attending his final year of college as a Journalism Major. Also a part time comedian. Please Follow him on Instagram @ComicBigEli

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