Selecting your Beagle

October 20th, 2021 by Carli Podella

Selecting  your new beagle puppy should not be a quick decision. Your new dog will be living with you for many years, so it makes sense to put some thought into your decision. If you buy from a breeder, ask to visit the puppy’s kennel to meet the puppy and his parents. This will help you see the dog’s temperament, the positive and negative aspects of the dog, any health problems he or she may have, and whether or not the puppy has been immunized.  

Most breeders want to see their puppies placed with loving and responsible owners, so they are usually careful and should be willing to give you a look around their kennel. If you feel something is lacking in the condition or care of the beagles, you should look elsewhere. You want to be sure to buy a healthy dog with a good disposition, and one that has been socialized and enjoys being around people. 

It may help to see your new puppy away from his littermates to find out a little bit more about his personality and temperament. Take some time to look at a number of puppies to find the right one for you. 

Your new puppy may have a pedigree, which is a statement about your new puppy’s lineage. It records your puppy’s ancestry. Registration from the American Kennel Club attests to the fact that the mother and father of your puppy were purebred and that they were registered with the club. These papers will enable you to register your new puppy if you choose. 

Grooming/Bathing your Beagle

October 14th, 2021 by Carli Podella

Dog grooming keeps your dog healthy, but it also provides time to bond with your beagle. Beagles have short dense hair, which is fairly easy to groom, but also requires some care. Beagles love to play and dig in the dirt, so their coat can become dirty quickly. Regular grooming is necessary to keep their skin healthy. Bathe your dog monthly. You don’t want to bathe him too often so that his skin becomes dry and irritated.

Grooming involves more than just bathing your dog. It also requires taking care of their coat, paws, ears, and nails. An important part of beagle grooming is brushing their coat. Beagles have a double layered coat, which helps keep them warm in the winter. Brushing will help reduce the amount of dust and hair your beagle sheds. Next pick up each foot and inspect the footpad. 

Beagles also require care of their long, floppy ears. Because their ears are long and don’t get a lot of air, they tend to be more prone to bacteria and ear infections. Spray a little ear cleaner into the ears and message the base of the ears. This should be done once a week. Your beagle will love his or her ear message. Clean the visible parts with a soft cloth.

Your beagle’s nails will also need clipping every 5-6 weeks. Take your beagle to the vet for a regular nail trim, or ask your vet how to clip the nails yourself. It’s important not to cut too far down. If you clip the quick, he or she will bleed and become fearful of their nail clippings. 

Beagles stubborn personality

October 7th, 2021 by Carli Podella

If you are bringing a beagle puppy home, be prepared to invest some time and energy into training. Beagles are known to be stubborn and difficult to potty train, so crate training is definitely recommended. You will probably want a small crate as beagles are unlikely to soil where they sleep. For this reason, you don’t want too much room in your crate. 

While beagles are very stubborn, they also tend to get distracted, which makes training a beagle more difficult. On the positive side, beagles are very food motivated and will generally respond for positive reinforcement with a treat as their reward. Beagles are smart dogs, and they love to eat. While they are not necessarily good listeners, they can be trained! 

Beagles have a natural instinct to hunt and chase. Because they were bred to hunt, if they catch the scent of something interesting, they will become focused on following the trail. The beagle’s nose will dictate his behavior! Beagles are hunters and explorers and may not return when you call them. Remember the food reward as they love to eat! Keep treats on hand, and they will come when called. It’s also important to keep your beagle on a leash when going for a walk. If they see a rabbit, their instinct will tell them to hunt down the rabbit!

Consistent training and food rewards can change your beagles’ stubborn behavior, but they will need lots of training to get them to listen and to follow instructions, especially when they find something more interesting to do! Be consistent, have plenty of food treats on hand, and you may find more success in getting your beagle to listen. 

Beagles easy-going nature

October 4th, 2021 by Carli Podella

Thinking about getting a beagle? A beagle is a popular dog, and it’s easy to understand why they make such wonderful pets. They are typically easy-going in nature, which makes them perfectly suitable for children. As a pack animal, a beagle tends to get attached to the family. They are generally very loving and can be a good choice for families with children. Because the beagle was bred to live and work in packs, they usually get along well with other dogs and cats. It’s in their nature to be part of a group. Older kids will become great friends with their beagle playing fetch and chasing each other around for hours. My beagle loved to snatch water bottles during our neighborhood baseball games. It was his way of getting the kids to chase him, and when they gave up on catching him, he would bury the water bottles. 

While beagles tend to be happy and playful, they are also mild mannered and affectionate! Because of this, the beagle’s personality is easy to welcome. Creating and enjoying time together should be fairly easy! The downside to this easy-going personality is that they don’t make great guard dogs. They are more of a watchdog. They will probably bark when they see something unfamiliar, and their bark may protect you from the unexpected, but don’t expect a fight because a beagle’s tail will soon be wagging. 

Owning a dog can be a rewarding relationship! Despite all of their little habits, beagles are a great choice for a family pet!