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Beagles easy-going nature

Thinking about getting a beagle? A beagle is a popular dog, and it’s easy to understand why they make such wonderful pets. They are typically easy-going in nature, which makes them perfectly suitable for children. As a pack animal, a beagle tends to get attached to the family. They are generally very loving and can be a good choice for families with children. Because the beagle was bred to live and work in packs, they usually get along well with other dogs and cats. It’s in their nature to be part of a group. Older kids will become great friends with their beagle playing fetch and chasing each other around for hours. My beagle loved to snatch water bottles during our neighborhood baseball games. It was his way of getting the kids to chase him, and when they gave up on catching him, he would bury the water bottles. 

While beagles tend to be happy and playful, they are also mild mannered and affectionate! Because of this, the beagle’s personality is easy to welcome. Creating and enjoying time together should be fairly easy! The downside to this easy-going personality is that they don’t make great guard dogs. They are more of a watchdog. They will probably bark when they see something unfamiliar, and their bark may protect you from the unexpected, but don’t expect a fight because a beagle’s tail will soon be wagging. 

Owning a dog can be a rewarding relationship! Despite all of their little habits, beagles are a great choice for a family pet!