3 aviation myths

Today I am going to list and talk about 3 of the most common myths that people have about commercial flight, and aviation in general. The first myth today, is that “your phone is going to make the plane crash unless it is on airplane mode!” While the frequencies of cell phones can congest ground radio networks, or navigational aids, the amount of cell phones needed to do this is massive, and even if it was, the planes will not crash themselves!

The second myth, which especially applies in todays day with COVID-19 going on, is that if somebody is sick on your plane, you will get sick too because you are breathing the same air. This just simply is not true. Airplanes are pressurized, and the way that they work is by bleeding out the current air, and bringing in new air from the outside. The air in an airplane is not the same recycled air for the whole flight!

The third and final big myth, that I also discussed in my last post, is that the pilots take off and land and other than that the plane flies itself! As my last post said, this is just not true. There are hundreds and hundreds of things that pilots do, despite not physically turning the plane or keeping the plane straight. Pilots are preoccupied and busy the whole entire flight!

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  1. Wow I had no idea about some of these myths! I do not know much about planes but i definitely thought if I didn’t take my phone off airplane mode I would crash! Cool post!

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