She Kills Monsters

First tech rehearsal was last night; we worked through the first half of the show. Tonight we will work through the second half. Student props designer and manager Abby and her props team have been working hard to create all of the very specialty items this show requires. I wish I had more photos of them in action, but then, I’ve been building dragons and haven’t been able to snap as many process photos as I’d like. Still, here’s the breastplate and shield that was built for Tilly:

And the gelatinous cube. This has been thought a few iterations; originally the thought was to encase it with a sheath of stretchy material. This was deemed expensive, so we went with plastic wrap layered with fabric scraps. Since there needs to be an opening through which a character is consumed, this did not prove tremendously structurally stable.

It was necessary to re-secure three sides and re-engineer the opening with independent flaps:

When we run this moment during tech tonight, we’ll find out if it works.

One of my projects has been working on the beholder. Here it is, with a coat of primer:

And here’s an image of two of the dragons, one primed,. the other awaiting a coat of paint. One of my goals for today is to work out their lower jaws. . .

Here are the dragons — or rather, the one five-headed dragon — in action, during the fight call before tech rehearsal proper began:

Here’s the production team at the tech table getting ready to begin. We’ve got Alexis as light board operator, Harry as lighting designer, Moira as stage manager, former student Jon returning to design sound, Valerie operating sound, student assistant director Josh, and way at the end, director Sara Griffin.

And a moment from tech, from behind the light board:

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