The Addams Family Musical

It’s finals week! I’m actually caught up with grading (until the wave of design projects on Thursday) and have been spending time on “The Addams Family Musical.”

First, I finished up the paint elevations for the periaktoi and flip panels:

Then, on to the floor treatment. Here’s the rendering just getting rolling:

And then, almost finished:

Assistant designer Abby and I had a chat last week about the mechanism for the heretic chair, wherein a spike erupts from the seat with the pull of a lever. Over the weekend, I had a thought about the mechanism and describing it with a prototype seemed the easiest way to share the idea:

Spike down:

Spike up:

The quick link on the left side would be attached to either a weight or heavy duty spring. The mechanics work well-enough, though there’s still the lever to figure out, as well as getting a few more inches of spike — kinda dinky right now.

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