Sweeney Todd

First, the new ticket booth is up and running in the atrium, but they discovered that people can look right through the display case at all the information displayed on the ticketing monitors. Until a permanent solution can be applied, our chair, Marshall Anderson (and one of our costume designers), set up a snazzy display with costumes from last Spring’s “The Furies” (which he designed).

Yesterday, our TD and I got to talking about when I was going to get to paint the floor and we decided that yes, it would be a good idea to do this before walls go up. I don’t have classes on Thursdays this semester, so I hit the theatre in the morning. . .

. . . and painted all day.

Tomorrow, it gets sealed, and all those walls leaning upstage can start getting put into place.

Since I was busy painting, I didn’t have a chance to get photos of students working in the shop, but here’s one of Allison painting the cladding for the upright posts.

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