The Tender Land and The Furies

Further work on the upcoming UW-Whitewater production of “The Tender Land” from yesterday afternoon’s shop session. At this point, Steve Chene, our Technical Director and lighting designer on this production was on stage with the electrics crew forging ahead on the focus. By the end of the day, they’d gotten most of the front of house focussed. In the shop, smaller things were going on, like Intro student James and TA Logan boring and cutting out holes in the fence posts. . .

I was hitting some of the smaller paint projects, and with the final two portal flats finished, starting on laying out the groundrow. Here’s the elevation on the drafting table, marked up with measurements to help me figure out where everything goes when I blow it up to real size:

And here is the real size groundrow:

At the end of the day, Steve wrapped up focus, so here’s a view of the stage from behind the tech table. All the portal flats are up, and the frame structure for the house and the shed are in place. Over on the left, you can see folks working on the ladder up to the second story window.

At the same time, work rolls forward on “The Furies.” I’ve begun figuring out the grounplan, and one of the tricky bits will be the arrangement of slanted and ‘broken’ pavement. Here’s a go with bits of illustration board cut into stock platform sizes:

And then to start working with height, a revision using foamcore platforms glued together to make 6″ thick platforms.

Now I have to show this to the director (Angela Iannone) and see what she thinks. . .