Our Town

Our Town House Set Up Act One

The set up for the first act of “Our Town.” Again, we have chosen to not go beyond what Wilder asks for, though as you may note, I have decided against a cyc (even though some cyc effects are noted in the script, the photos of the original production show a bare back wall. I like the idea of the back wall ensuring that we don’t suggest we’ve left the theatre). The Foley table off house left will be joined by the organ (when I get dimensions and a picture I will probably add that to the image).

Our Town House Set Up Act One with Ladders

Adding the ladders.

Our Town Church Act Two

The set up for the church in Act Two.

Our Town Graveyard Set Up Act Three 2

And Act Three’s graveyard. We will be closing the main act as noted at the end of the act, opening back up on a stage empty except for the ghost light.

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