Controversial art

Today I just wanted to talk about a piece created that caused a bit of buzz around it or had people finding the imagery to be obscene or maybe offensive in a way. Today’s piece is called “All the People I’ve Slept With 1963-1995.” This piece is a tent that includes the name of people that the artist may not have had full sexual relations with, but had at least some type of sexual interaction. Many people found this piece of art to be a bit obscene due to the fact that the artist, Tracey Emin, is a female and females are supposed to not really talk about things like this. This piece of artwork was largely talked about and found a forever home with Charles Saatchi, a well known business CEO.

Artists I Love

There are practically an unlimited number of art pieces or artists to look at, but there are a few in contemporary art that have stuck out to me due to their style or story.

The first artist I wanted to mention is Douglas Copeland. He is a contemporary artist that created a whole new idea that honestly probably everyone has seen before. His artwork is the perfect mix of dull and bright colors, and I absolutely love the geometric shapes. There is something about his art and his demeanor that has just stuck out to me.

The next artist I wanted to focus on is Louise Bourgeois. She was an over the top woman who created amazing metal pieces of art. Ranging from humanoid looking creations that were the same size as a person to a metal spider that stands 12 feet tall, she had a lot of wonderful ideas. I appreciate her style so much because I love how she made them seem almost creepy. I do not usually find myself enjoying metal art, but I can’t help but LOVE hers.

The last artist I want to talk about it actually a really well known artist. Her name is Yayoi Kusama. She is extremely famous actually for her varying dots along with her light rooms. She would take a black room and hung hundreds of thousands of little lights all over in different colors. Her story is so interesting to me though because due to her being a female in the industry during a time of extreme misogyny, her artwork was stolen by a lot of male artists. It actually got so bad that she tried to kill herself but was unsuccessful. She later went on to be one of the most famous and easily recognizable artists in the world.