Mind over matter

There’s going to be a time when you must take a class you don’t like because it’s required for your major or minor. I dealt with this last semester with my statistics class. Math has never been my strong suit because it’s hard for me to comprehended it. My sophomore year at UW-Waukesha I had to take two algebra classes. I ended up passing the classes with a C. Every day I was with a math tutor to get help for the classes. I struggled with the tutor and class because I didn’t want to do it. I had a mind frame that I was going to get a bad grade no matter how hard I tried. I wanted to give up so bad, but I didn’t to pass the class.  

My statistics class last year only had 13 people in the class. Two of those people were retaking it since they didn’t pass the first time. On the first day the instructor was explaining how it’s a very hard course and you need all effort into the class to pass. My mindset changed after my first class. By seeing students are retaking it and how hard it is, I knew I needed to try. After every class I would practice what I learned to keep it in my mind. During random times of the day I would grab a piece of paper next to me and start writing equations. I put so much time and effort and time into that class that I ended up passing statistics with an A. I am so proud of myself that I was able to get over my fear of a class I disliked and pass with the best grade.  

This proved to me that I can do anything that I put my mind to, and so can you! We all have weaknesses, but we can overcome them if we try.